Learn How to Become a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer

Typical Police Officer Job Description & Duties

We've all seen episodes of Cops or 24 on TV where police officers are involved in some kind of high-speed chase or are in pursuit of fleeing bandits armed with loaded guns - and that may lead you to believe that police work is a pure adrenaline rush. However, an ordinary day for a police officer is hardly anything like that. Most cops are involved in very few chases like the ones you would see on TV and in movies, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't enjoy their job or that it's boring. A police officer's job description includes a wide variety of duties and expectations, which helps ensure a dynamic work environment with a high level of job-satisfaction. From busting drug dealers, to controlling riots, or protecting politicians (along with famous celebrities), there is hardly ever a routine day, unless, of course, you get stuck in the office. Take a look at some of the things you can expect to be doing should you be accepted into this proud and noble career path.

Typical Police Officer Job Description:

  • Serve and protect the citizens
  • Give information to pedestrians and motorists
  • Patrol specified areas by foot, motorcycle, or car
  • Direct traffic and escort convoys
  • Protect and escort famous athletes, celebrities and politicians
  • Assist in riot controls
  • Write traffic citations
  • Respond to domestic disturbances, traffic accidents, & emergency situations
  • Watch for law violators/wanted persons and arrest them
  • Transport prisoners
  • Serve warrants & subpoenas
  • Appear in court to testify
  • Conduct initial investigations of crime scenes and assist detectives
  • Write reports and bulletins