Useful Police Work Experience for Getting Hired

In some cases, considered to be even more important than education itself, relative job experiences can be the difference maker in setting yourself apart from the other applicants. Extensive police work experience can also show potential departments that you are aware of the career you are getting yourself into and that you are ready to start working and contributing. A variety of different job experiences is usually better than having the same kind of experience for multiple years. However, if you already have several years as an experienced security guard or police detective, that should be more than enough. A list of possible some common police-related work experience can be acquired from jobs dealing with security or theft-prevention, the military, or any type of leadership position that interacts with different people on a routine basis. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing and then tying it in with an available police opening (such as a canine unit if you love animals or a police detective if you have investigative experience). Do your best to take advantage of some of the ideas listed below.

What You Can Do:

  • Get a job working some form of security
  • Work part time as a community service officer, public aide, or cadet
  • Serve in the military and gain invaluable leadership/tactical experience
  • Go on at least 1 ride-along with a police officer
  • Volunteer to assist police officers (there are times when police officers need volunteers to roleplay)
  • Tour the police department and become familiar with it
  • Learn the basics about firearms and practice your shooting skills
  • Talk with a police officer and learn as much as you can from him/her
  • Learn how to become a probation officer

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