Learn How to Become a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer

Criminal Record Requirements for Police Officers

There are only a handful of things that can keep you from getting a job as a police officer, and among those things is a tainted criminal record, including (but not limited to) felony convictions, domestic violence charges, or any form of racist behavior, such as a hate crime. Since each applicant's criminal record is carefully scrutinized, don't even bother trying to tell any "white lies" or hide any kind of criminal charge or conviction; they will find out everything about your past one way or another, so it's best to come clean and hope for the best. After all, they are the police and they happen to specialize in investigating criminal activity. Having a clean record is a major plus, if not essential, when applying for a job opening as a police officer, so be sure to continue making smart decisions on a regular basis. The hiring staff is also very weary of hiring anyone that may have potential drug or drinking problems, so it would be best to stay far away from such potent vices. Another important area that typically gets overlooked is your driving record. Make sure you carry sufficient car insurance, avoid getting into accidents, and most importantly, don't get any traffic tickets! Most police departments will disqualify candidates with more than 1-2 moving violations the past 3 years, so practice your safe driving skills.

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