Reasons Why Police Recruits Don't Get Hired

Before you start spending countless hours filling out applications for local police departments... Before you start spending hundreds of hours researching and training for the hiring process... Before you start spending your hard-earned dollars on police tests, training materials, & travel... do your best to determine whether or not you would be a suitable candidate. This is something the vast majority of candidates fail to realize and something as simple as a ten minute phone call with police background investigator could go a long way to saving you valuable time, money, and heartache. Do yourself a favor and find out all of the disqualifying factors before you start applying. If you fail to take this step seriously, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours down the drain, depending on how many positions you apply to, in addition to all of the travel related expenses.

10 Reasons Why You May NOT Be a Good Police Candidate:

  1. You have already been disqualified from any police department's background check
  2. You did not thoroughly complete the application and/or background forms
  3. You lied, bent the truth, or failed to mention relevant details on any part of the hiring process
  4. You have a recent criminal record from within the past 3-5 years
  5. You have too many driving infractions within the past 3 years
  6. You associate yourself with people who have no regard for the law (ie. people who use/sell drugs, steal, etc.)
  7. You don't have the right personality (too quiet or reserved, don't show initiative or critical thinking)
  8. You have been divorced, particularly if it wasn't amicable
  9. The police have been called to your home for possible domestic disputes
  10. You fail to meet the minimum requirements (this includes police test scores, education requirements, physical condition, & more)

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