Learn How to Become a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer

Cops Must Possess Integrity

Probably one of the harder traits to attain in life is having a good set of morals and ethics. This is an important trait to have as a law enforcer because police officers are entrusted with a great power to uphold the law by almost any means necessary. Police officers also deal with a lot of contraband and need to be disciplined enough to be able to resist any kind of temptation, such as taking drugs or money for self gain.

When it comes time for interviews and background checks, police employers do not mess around. They will dig as far back as they can (until the day you were born) to see if what you tell them is accurate or not. While being interviewed, they may ask you some tough or embarassing questions and you may feel inclined to lie about a few of these things; don't do it. Generally, such questions are asked only to gauge your level of honesty, and to see if you would make for a trustworthy officer.

What You Can Do: